Naija Decides 2023

Africa’s largest democratic exercise is set for February 25, 2023. This is a blog share my analysis along the way. No endorsements, no paid promotion.

One Step Forward, One Step Back for the Appointee Scandal

For just a brief moment, it seemed like President Muhammadu Buhari had finally taken decisive steps to end the largely self-inflicted scandals plaguing the APC’s most prominent presidential aspirants. Not so fast. The scandals revolve around the ability of political appointees (mostly cabinet members) to run in party primaries while holding their job, and theContinue reading “One Step Forward, One Step Back for the Appointee Scandal”

Osinbajo’s Déjà Vu Declaration

Last week, vice-president professor Yemi Osinbajo formally announced his candidacy for president of the Republic under the APC banner. The announcement came in the form of a pre-recorded speech, which was visually professional and accompanied by a standard speech that ticked all the necessary boxes. Despite an increasingly large field of presidential aspirants, Osinbajo’s announcementContinue reading “Osinbajo’s Déjà Vu Declaration”

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